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Jason Poquette, RPh is one example of many pharmacists who are leveraging the internet to build new sources of revenue. He is a pharmacy management specialist with an emphasis on business growth, revenue strategies, workflow and team development.  He is the author of the popular pharmacy blog, The Honest Apothecary, and he is frequently called upon to provide comment and insights to healthcare and pharmacy organizations on topics such as medication compliance, pharma news, social media and pharmacy career development. 

According to Jason “There are a variety of ways for pharmacists to generate additional revenue streams online by combining their medication knowledge and creativity. Probably the most common method is content creation coupled with an advertising partner like Google Adsense. Alternatively, those who continue to develop their writing skills can sell their content to sites that are looking for fresh and well-written material from topic experts. Content creation can include anything from brief articles up to writing a full-length E-book.  

Another online revenue stream can be generated through what is known as “affiliate” marketing and sales. There are a number of affiliate programs available, many of which offer healthcare related products which pharmacists can recommend and earn a commission from. Of course, such avenues must be entered cautiously, as pharmacists will want to ensure they are recommending products that they personally believe in and support. 

Finally, pharmacists who take the time to position themselves as subject matter experts may be approached and hired as consultants for businesses and/or individuals looking to gain greater insight into specific areas of pharmacy practice. Many other opportunities exist for the pharmacist who wishes to take the time to learn about them.” Jason can be reached at Jason.pharmacist@gmail.com

Here are 5 ways for pharmacists to monetize their expertise by building an internet business or providing pharmacy services from home or other remote locations.


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